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Ideas During Closure

Our Summer 2, week 6 physical challenge!

Exercise with Miss Khalil from Green End

Mr Okorie from Ladybarn, key stage 1...            and key stage 2 work outs

Mrs Teague from Green End has made a meditation audio clip for all the children to use to de-stress and keep calm. 

Meditatiion audio
00:00 / 04:13

Mrs Teague from Green End has recorded this video for the children to watch to help with being calm and relaxed.  It works best in a quiet room for the children to really concentrate on, with no interruptions. 

Miss Maddocks from Ladybarn has made a video for the children to watch and join in with with lovely relaxation breathing activities

To help with healthy food choices during lock down, Manchester Fayre have produced a helpful selection of recipes which you can download by clicking here

They have also created a fun activity worksheet for children to complete, which links to the Eatwell guide shown here. Click on the image to download a copy.

To download the activity sheet, click here

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