Year 2 Class Page

2G & 2CW

Teachers: Mrs Gosling and Miss Crean-Walker

Support Staff: Miss Toulson-Burke and Mrs Barker


Our topic for Autumn 1 was 'Zoom to the Moon!'


During this topic, we found out all about space. We explored different textures of the planets through art, learning about the Solar System including the order of the planets and finally, created a moon buggy using junk modelling. We also had the opportunity to become an astronaut by completing a quiz, visiting a space centre and by proving our fitness ability!


For our launch day, we learnt more about the job of an astronaut and then we created our own astronaut portraits using a template and tin foil. We then discussed a variety of things that happen in space and things that don’t – like sound! We sorted these into the two categories and there were some surprise answers! Finally, we looked deeper into what life would be like if we journeyed to the other planets and wrote postcards to our friends.

We created our own moon buggies and raced them in the playground. They were very tricky to make. We had to use lots of tin foil to make them look shiny. We attached wheels, satellites and seats to make sure the astronaut had somewhere to sit. Also, we visited Jodrell Bank, it was a very exciting day we found out lots about the planets and got to see the Lovell Telescope, it was huge!

In Autumn 2 we found out the Victorians and in particular Victorian Schools. We looked at Victorian artwork and explored different mediums to create observational drawings. We visited a Portland Basin Museum in Tameside and took part in a Victorian Workshop ‘Upstairs and downstairs’. We found out what it was like to be a rich child and a poor child in Victorian times.


We dressed up as Victorians for the day and we compared our own lives, with the lives of Victorian children and decided we prefer life in 2017. We explored and found out about the differences between modern schools and schools of the Victorian age. We played lots of typical playground games, skipping games and made our own spinning tops. We looked at pictures of Queen Victoria and had a go at creating their very own silhouettes.

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