Teachers: Mrs Burnham, Miss Smith, Miss Quinn

Support Staff: Mrs Maddocks and Ms Lilley


In Autumn 1 we spent time settling into nursery.  We were really lucky to have a brand new amazing outdoor area to explore in. We have a fantastic new sandpit where we have been digging for treasure and building lots of super sandcastles. We love our new climbing wall and we have made some delicious pies and cakes in our fabulous outdoor mud kitchen.


We really enjoyed reading ‘Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose’ and learning about all the funny animals. We have been painting and making collages. We  built some super models and have been learning some songs and nursery rhymes.


The children are really building their confidence to join in at group time learning sessions. They are making new friends and learning all about life in nursery. What a super start to the year!

In Autumn 2 our topic was Toys. 

We found a Magical Toybox in our classroom with toys that came to life and played all around the nursery! We then read a book called the Magical Toybox and learnt to tell the story with some actions and sound effects! We learnt about what some of the characters might say in story and writing speech bubbles. We also learnt to look at patterns in writing to see if we could write messages with these patterns. We had fun learning about toys old and new as well as how we play in the park.


We talked about our favourite toys and how we use them as well as making our own toys. We looked carefully at toys and tried to paint and draw them. We played in the toy shops in our classrooms and bought and sold different objects.


We are learning about numbers and counting 1-3 and will be playing lots of fun games to practise recognising these numbers, dice patterns and counting.


We had lots of fun when our grown-ups came in for the first Stay and Play of the year. We had two enormous pictures of a robot and a doll which we all helped to collage with lots of different materials. We made our very own pop up toys with our favourite characters on them. We made amazing play dough models using different colours and added googly eyes and matchstick arms and legs. We showed our grownups around the classroom and played with them in the roleplay house as well as the Toyshop. We also shared books together in the reading area.

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