Reception Class Page

Teachers: Miss Fleet, Mrs ZK

Support Staff: Ms Powell, Mrs Monks

In Autumn 1 in Reception we will looked at food from all over the world.  We read Handa’s Surprise and looked at the fruits.  We tasted these exotic fruits and investigated them to look at where they are grown, what they tasted/smell like. We made our own  little huts using clay and natural materials to represent Handa’s home in Africa.


 We also visited PIZZA EXPRESS where we made our own healthy pizzas.  After that we read the Runaway Chapatti, a story similar to Gingerbread Man.  We were very excited as we then made our own chapattis!


As part of our topic we looked at similarities and differences between our country, Africa and India.


In Autumn 2, our topic was 'Magic and Monsters!'

​For topic launch day, we dressed up as Magic or Monster characters. We made Gruffalos, wands and broomsticks and thought about where we could fly to. We investigated monster slime and talked about how it feels and what it looks like using lots of describing words. We made chocolate apples as a treat! Outside we made potions by mixing different ingredients together.


We read ‘Room on the Broom’ and learnt about how the witch helped her friends and how they helped her. We learnt how to say the story. We used our imagination to create some spells and then wrote them down in the witch’s spell book. We helped the witch by writing some labels for her friends so they know where to sit on the magnificent broom. We are trying really hard to sounds out words and carefully write down the letters that go with the sounds. We talked about the dragon in the story and thought about some describing words.


We went on an Autumn walk to see if we could spot some signs of Autumn. We saw lots of yellow and orange leaves and tried to catch some leaves that were falling from the trees.


We  read the The Gruffalo and went a Gruffalo hunt in the park. We made little dens to protect to mouse from the Gruffalo. We collected sticks so we could make a massive Gruffalo picture using the sticks.


We spent time learning about how to be healthy so and talked about what the Gruffalo can do to be a bit healthier. We made some food for him and thought of other things he could do, like exercise and brushing his teeth.


We  read  ‘Funnybones’ and talked about our feelings about what makes us happy, sad or frightened and what we can do to help us feel better. 



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