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School Council


The school council at Ladybarn comprises of one child from each class in years 2-6. Children are elected by their peers following the presentation of a manifesto and a secret ballot. It's very exciting! The children in our school take this process very seriously and think very carefully who the best person to represent them will be. 


The school council has a very active role here at Ladybarn. So far this year we have held 3 meetings and have put together plans for each class based on the feedback the Councillors have received from their classmates. In our meeting time we discuss together how we can work to meet the needs of the children in our school. We help and support each other in the actions we have to complete, be that letter writing or planning a fund raising event. 


We also take on special challenges including meeting governors and passing on our view of the school to them and have also been asked to judge the displays in the corridors of our school. This meant all of the teachers wanted their display to be the best!


In previous years the school council have been asked to consult on the Ladybarn school song, the kind of playground equipment we would like to have at school and the issues raised in our pupil voice questionnaires. 


We are very excited to be working together this year and representing our classes. Watch this space for more news on our activities!

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