Science Week Fun

Ladybarn held their first ever Science week from Monday 16th March to Friday 20th where children, from across the school, took part in a range of fun and exciting activities during the week. Some of these included: making rockets and setting them off in the playground, making bread and an experiment on invisible ink! The whole school also came together to watch the incredible solar eclipse on the Friday morning!

The children told us the really enjoyed themselves...

  • “I really enjoyed creating the bird and cage illusion because it told my mind that the bird was in the cage.” (Abdullah)

  • “I liked Science Week because we did lots of experiments and got to try out some out of the experiments at home. They were cool and fun!” (Raafat)

  • water resistance 1.JPG



“Science week was the best week ever!” (child in 4O)

  • “Science week was the best, especially with the prize I won!” (Rosie)

  • “It was really fun, especially setting off our rockets as that was very exciting!” (Hudeyfah)

  • “Every day we learnt a new thing whilst also having fun.” (Callum)

  • “We loved it when the visitor came in and we got to make some ear moulds.”

  • (Mohamed Kassab)

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