Governor Book Award Winners

Each year we look carefully for children who put that significant extra effort into school or who stand out for special qualities, talents or actions. All year we have been looking across year 1 to 6 to identify those children.

In June the staff nominated children in 7 different categories and many children were nominated.

Governors then looked at the nominations, without the children’s names and selected those who really stood out. Our winners were:-

For 'Academic Achievement'

Safiyya, Heriad and Hana

For 'Tremendous Effort to Overcome Obstacles'

Demi, Blake and Alaa

For 'Teamwork Skills'

Hisham, Ella and Aqeel

For 'Friendship'

Epithany, Safa and Kasira

For 'Sporting Achievement'

Ahmad, Sophia and Remi

For 'Creative Talent'

Yusef, Samuel and Tisa

For 'For the Benefit of Others'

Lahiba and Tayyab

During a special Governor Award Assembly today, in front of pupils, staff and parents, the award winners were presented with their special book awards, with a lovely inscription in the front.

Congratulations to all our winners!

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