Year 1 Class Page

1S & 1C

Teachers: Miss Strike and Mrs Chudsama

Support Staff: Mrs Simpson and Miss Brooks


In Autumn 1, our topic was 'Alien Invastion!'


We discovered some very strange liquids in the playground so we went outside to investigate. We suspected that the liquid was from another planet as we had seen nothing like it on earth before! Suddenly, Mrs Simpson ran out into the playground and told us there was a very strange message left for us on the board! We were very curious (and also very scared) and hurried inside to see what the message was. However, when we entered the classroom, we saw that somebody had trashed it and left a great big mess! We realised that somebody had left a video message for us on the board so we played it and an alien suddenly appeared on the board, apologising for the mess and asking us what life is like as a human! We were very shocked but very eager to help the alien understand where humans live, what we look like, what we eat and what life is like in our local area and planet earth!


We used the Doodle Buddy App to create funny selfies of ourselves, we have labelled the parts of our face and we have drawn some self-portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso! 


In Autumn 2 for our topic on light and dark we learnt about different sources of light and the ways in which light can be used. We exploredinformation about the dark and found out about nocturnal animals! For this reason, we had a great a trip to Turbary Woods to learn all about owls and birds of prey!  

For topic launch day, we made the classroom dark. We did this by turning off all the lights and closing the blinds. We then took out some glo-sticks! These are glow-in-the-dark sticks which we had fun exploring with. We investigated sources of light and discussed where light comes from. We learnt about nocturnal animals, including owls and hedgehogs and made some of our own! We went on a walk outside and collected lots of sticks to use as spikes for our hedgehogs. While we were outside, we also collected leaves for our drawings of our owls - the leaves were used to look as if the fur of the owl had texture. We also made our own firework drawings using chalk! It was so much fun!

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