Year 3 Class Page

3L & 3N

Teachers: Mr Leishman and Mrs Nanah

Support Staff: Ms Baron and Ms Tucker

In Autumn 1 our topic was 'Mega Structures'.

or topic launch day, wefirstly took part in a Mega Structures quiz where we had to try and identify as many of the mega structures around the world as possible. We then used a world map to try and locate where these structures were. Adfter this we watched a video clip from our Investor who outlined ourmission for the half term – to research different mega structures throughout the world and then use all of these ideas to then try and create our own new mega structure, which the Investor may invest in.  

We looked at a variety of mega structures and then we made our own collages by overlapping and underlaying. We found where famous megastructures are on a map. We also had a special mega structure challenge where we had to make a bridge from paper or straws that would be strong enough to hold a toy car.

We looked at a range of mega structures in Manchester and in the wider world.  In Geography, we found out where they are on a world map and labelled them. In History we will be compared modern buildings with those from the past and found out about why they are different.

We investigated materials in Science and looked at why certain materials were used for different mega structures.


Our topic for Autumn 2 was the Roman’s. We took take part in a Roman drama work shop in school, which helped the topic of the Romans come to life. We examined life as a slave, an Emperor and an everyday Roman. Throughout the topic, we explored The Celts, Roman inventions and created our own Roman scene.

We delved into the past and became archaeologists, digging, extracting and brushing off precious artefacts. Following this we followed a hidden histories trail all about our new topic. We also made our own Roman bust to make ourselves look powerful, just as the Romans did 2000 years ago.


As a class, we learnt all about the Romans as inventors and looked at the fascinating engineering ideas. Did you know they invented straight roads, aqueducts and Libraries? We  also found out about when the Romans invaded Britain and how they affected the Celts that lived here at the time. We went into a march, were introduced  to more artefacts and we got the feel of how it would have been to be a member of the Roman army.

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