Year 4 Class Page

4C & 4H

Teachers: Miss Cree and Miss Holleran

Support Staff: Ms Hampson & Ms Shams


For our topic on the Terrible Tudors, we went back in time to find out about the main man himself King Henry VIII, but to also get to know his wives, all about crime and punishment and how our country was changed forever by the Tudor family.


For topic launch day we firstly decided to pick our brains to find out what we knew already about the Tudors. Next, we made a Tudor family tree and discovered so many links between the important people of the time. Following that, we tried our hands as Tudor portrait artists and also took part in a reconstruction of ‘The Battle of Bosworth’ which saw King Richard III lose his crown to Henry Tudor.

Our topic for Autumn 2 was all about art and artists from around the world. We learnt about Aboriginal art, printing, tie dye, recycled artwork, self-portraits and lots more. We got the chance to create lots of different artwork and will also learnt about the history of different art forms.


For topic launch day we looked at different materials artists use and thought about how we could reuse some of our old, unwanted clothes into something useful – a bag! We researched how plastic is damaging for the environment and how different bags for life are made and then designed our own from our old t-shirts! We then developed our sewing skills and, using a backstitch, sewed up our t-shirts until they had become bags. Voilá, our own bags for life!

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