Year 5 Class Page

5R & 5E

Teachers: Miss Rehmanwala & Mr Everton

Support Staff: Miss Wallis and Mrs Pook


Our topic for Autumn 1 was 'The Melting Pot: Britain Post WW2'


We found out all about the British Empire and the fashion, food, music and dance influences of the countries from the British Commonwealth on Britain today. We celebtrated the multi-cultural society we have and looked at traditionally British food and sports.

We visitedthe People’s History Museum for the Bed of Roses session, where an actor played the part of a woman who came to Britain on Windrush and how different life became. We then write in first person as this character when back in class.


On topic launch day in the morning, we looked at the countries that make up the United Kingdom and the traditional food, dress, flowers, sports etc associated with them. We then researched interesting facts about each of the countries of the United Kingdom. We were given different images and asked to find the heritage country from the British Empire that they link to. We then chose a country from the British Empire and created a fact file about it.

In the afternoon, we had traditional afternoon tea in the classrooms and played cricket outside. We absolutely loved it!

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