Year 6 Class Pages

6C, 6J & 6T

Teachers: Miss Copeland, Miss Jenks and Ms Taylor

For our Autumn 1 topic of 'Rights and Revolutions' we explored how people have defended their rights and how new laws were established from revolution. In particular, we looked at the suffragette movement and how women gained the right to vote; the Magna Carta and its impact on democracy now and the war of the roses, a series of battles to gain the throne of England. The art aspect of the topic was to design a logo to promote people’s rights, create a stencil and screen print the image. The design and technology element was food technology; we made a snack that a suffragette might make to take out with her for a day of protest, using grating and cutting skills.


In order to launch the theme, the year 6 teachers pretended to favour a small group of pupils over the rest of the class. You can imagine the responses! Most of us were outraged, some were confused but on the whole we all made our opinions known. This was the starting point for a discussion about rights and equality. We were then given a selection of article from the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child and asked to rank them in a diamond pattern, placing the ones wefelt were most important at the top prompting some deeper thought about the difference between what we need and what we want!

For our Autmn 2 topic on the Oceans we studied ocean geography as a starting point. We learnt about the decline in shark numbers over the last 100 years, over fishing, sustainable fishing practises and completing case studies about north Atlantic cod and the decline in fishing stock in the Newfoundland fishing region.

We were fortunate to take an exciting trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium: home of a wide variety of carnivorous sharks. During the visit, we were able to handle shark teeth, bones and skin. We also had a close encounter with a turtle shell- it was almost as big as the tallest year 6! During the walk through the tunnel, we were incredibly excited to experience the marine life up close as they swam over our heads. We also were thrilled by a dive show in which we watched the sharks being fed.

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