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As Year 2's topic is: 'Africa' they were delighted to receive a  letter from the children at Olmoti Primary School in the village of Olmoti, in Kenya, Africa.

They eagerly wrote back to find out more about Kenya and life for children over there.  They also told them about themselves, Ladybarn and Manchester.


Kenya - like other countries in Africa - has cities as well as villages, people who are rich and people who are poorer - just like anywhere else in the world. 


Kenya is famous for its Safari with some beautiful, amazing animals living there; however many of these animals are sadly becoming endangered. Olmoti Primary School is working with the charity 'Born Free' to help look after the animals in their environment. For example, the children have been trained to care for orphaned baby animals who have tragically lost their parents as a result of the actions of hunters. 

Find out more about the work of the charity:


We found some interesting differences between ourselves and the children from Olmoti Primary School - they speak Swahili, have different fruits such as passion fruit and custard apples and look after animals that we only see in zoos. However, we also found out lots of similarities - they like football, (some even support Manchester United!) watching cartoons (some even mentioned 'Sofia the First' and 'Spiderman')  and dancing!

Did You Know:


- Lots of Olympic sports champions are Kenyan - particularly in running?


- Lots of our tea and coffee comes from Kenya? Have a look the next time you are in the supermarket! 

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