Nursery Admissions


Children attending our nursery this academic year are born between 01/09/2016 and 31/08/2017. We are full for this academic year. Currently we only have one intake session in September. 


For September 2021 admissions, we will be considering children born between 01/09/2017 and 31/08/2018. The closing date for applications is 31st January 2021. Applications received after this date may not be in the first wave of offers.

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At present, all our nursery places start part time and then progress to full time, usually from the 3rd week following admission, as long as the child is ready for a full time place.  Currently we do not charge for nursery places, but do ask parents who are entitled to the additional 30 hour funding, to ensure they apply and renew their funding application by the specific Government deadlines.  

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Our Heads of School undertake our school tours. If you would like to be booked onto a tour of the school, please contact the school office (Tel: 0161 445 4898). At the moment, as we are not allowing visitors in school due to the Covid pandemic, school tours are temporarily suspended.


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Reception Admissions

All applications for Reception places in Manchester schools are to be submitted via the Local Authority.  If you have a nursery place here, you are not guaranteed a Reception place here.  This is because nursery education is non-compulsory, and each individual school administers their own nursery.  Reception places are compulsory education and the Local Authority/Council administer these. 

The Trust has adopted the Manchester City Council Admissions Policy for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022

Click here for a copy of our Admissions Policy 2020-2021

Click here for a copy of our Admissions Policy 2021-2022


As the Admissions Authority for the community and voluntary controlled schools in Manchester, the LA is required to draft, consult on and determine their admission arrangements.  Where there are more applicants than places available the LA will apply the admission arrangements in order to decide which applicants will be offered places.


Admission arrangements for voluntary aided schools, foundation schools, free schools and academies are set by their Governing Body, who are the Admission Authority for their establishment.  They are responsible for drafting, consulting on and determining their admission arrangements.  Copies of admissions arrangements for these types of schools/academies in Manchester can be found on the school/academy website and the LA’s website.  They are also available on request from the relevant school/academy and the LA.

Application Procedures


All parent/carers are required to apply to their home LA regards of where the school/academy they are applying is situated.  Manchester residents will apply to Manchester LA.  The LA will liaise with other Admissions Authorities in Manchester and other LAs where required.  Manchester LA will inform parent/carers in writing of the outcome of their application.


Application forms are available from

and can be requested by phone on 0161 245 7166.  They should be returned to:


Integrated Admissions Service

Manchester City Council,

P.O. Box 532,

 Town Hall,


M60 2LA



These admission arrangements apply to applicants seeking a place in Reception up to year 6. Applications for admission to a nursery of a Manchester school/academy will be dealt with by the school, not by the LA.