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Dance at Ladybarn

and at our other Trust schools


Our dance curriculum takes the children on a journey of expressive movement from nursery to year 6 with a variety of dance styles from different cultures. Children develop their confidence and knowledge through performance, evaluation and celebration of their work.

In Nursery and Reception, the children move around energetically to music.

In Year 1, the children are introduced to levels and will then progress to incorporating balance and repetition in Year 2.

Reception dance.jpg

In Year 3, the children enjoy leaps and turns before learning to work in unison in Year 4.

Year 4 dance (4).jpeg
Year 4 dance (2).jpeg
Year 4 dance (3).jpeg
Year 4 dance 1.jpeg

Year 5 children are taught to use call and response in their expressive dance routine. This is incorporated in their expressive dance performances, like this interpretation of a volcanic explosion, journeying from a dormant volcanoe, to the eruption, the devastation that ensues and the calm that eventually follows:

In Year 6, the children have been inspired by the making of Manchester. Through the use of levels, dynamics and call and response, they created a dance to represent how Manchester has grown from empty fields to a bustling city:

Year 6 children also explore the technique of weight bearing to add a more theatrical element to their dance.

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