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Reading at Ladybarn

and at our other Trust schools



We aim to instill in the children the importance of reading fluently and inspire a habit and passion for reading widely and often.

We believe that teaching the children to read proficiently, fluently, exercise choice and to have a positive attitude to reading and have a love of reading is one of our most important duties as a school. We aim to grow a love of reading for pleasure in our children (both in and out of school) as we recognise the importance of reading to their independent learning, further success and well-being. Our reading curriculum will be accessible for all regardless of gender, race or religion; accessible for all learners including children with additional needs. There will be a range of tools and techniques used to support and enhance the teaching of reading, including the use of IT, drama and debate. From year 2 upwards, whilst our approach is around using one core whole class text, some pupils may not be able to access this and will require differentiated texts to ensure full engagement. Our consistent whole school approach to the teaching of reading will ensure that we close any gaps and enable the highest possible number of children to attain well.

pic 1.png

A year 1 class uses this celebration display to encourage children to read regularly at home.


A year 1 child using their retelling skills to map out the key events and answer some recall questions from the brilliant Bumposarus story.


A year 2 child using their inference skills to understand how a character may be feeling based on what they have read.


A year 3 child using a range of reading skills to answer the assessment questions from the Fantastic Mr Fox unit.


A year 4 child using their prediction skills to consider what may happen next in the class novel, Varjak Paw.


A year 5 child's work using the text to find and recall information to building a timeline using the Boy in the Tower text.


A year 6 child has used evidence from the text to support their ideas they have gathered based on their inference skills after reading Cloud Busting.


In Nursery we are reading...


In Reception we are reading...


In Year 1 we are reading...

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In Year 2 we are reading...

In year 3 we are reading...

year 3 new.png

In Year 4 we are reading...

In Year 5 we are reading...

year 5.png

In Year 6 we are reading...

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