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Design Technology at Ladybarn

and at our other Trust schools


At Cringle Brook, our inspirational Design and Technology curriculum takes children on a journey, starting in Reception and ending in Year 6, ensuring children are equipped for KS3 by providing a challenging and balanced curriculum. The world is increasingly becoming a technical place and we provide the tools to access this.

They develop their ability to apply skills both practically and technically. Children develop broad skills in three key areas: textiles, construction and food technology.

In Early Years, the children quickly find themselves learning decision making skills and developing their motor skills throughout continuous provision. 


To prepare for our Teddy Bears picnic, everybody made their own sandwiches by following simple instructions.


In Key Stage One, the children create useful and practical products with recycled materials by using the three step design, make and evaluate process. Year One created a healthy breakfast for the Year 6’s to enjoy. Year 2 get to work on attaching wheels to a chassis.


I’ve enjoyed seeing how my children can use their perseverance and resilience when presented with an open-ended construction task.” Y2 teacher


In Key Stage Two, the children are passionate to apply their DT skills and knowledge that they have learnt throughout their journey in school and develop them even further. They become analytical and critically assess well-known existing designs. They then adapt their own creations to make them suitable for their given purpose.

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