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Phonics at Ladybarn

and at our other Trust schools


We aim to create a love for Reading, Writing and Spelling through the consistent approach of Phonics teaching. Phonics is an important daily lesson in each class from nursery through to year 2 and in KS2 we differentiate according to children’s phonic awareness and development. Kingsway Trust follows THE DFE approved Twinkl scheme, which develops the children’s ability to hear, discriminate, recognise and write the sounds. We want every child to leave the school with the skills of a fluent reader, writer and speller.

In EYFS and KS1, children have a daily 20-minute phonic session.  Each lesson is structured into four parts:

Level 2 action poster.jpg

Part 1: Revisit – All lessons begin with ‘Revisit and Review’ of prior learning. In this section, children are able to revisit previously taught sounds and tricky (common exception) words ensuring that they become secure in recognising and applying them.  (2 minutes)


Part 2: Teach – Children are presented with a written representation of the sound. This is called a grapheme. Each grapheme has a mnemonic (picture that represents the sound).


Finally, they are shown how to say the sound and this is a phoneme. Each phoneme comes with a song/phrase and action. The actions show help the children to recall and differentiate between sounds - click here to access the actions for level 2, 3 and 5. This helps memory recall. Children are shown how to blend or segment words with the new phoneme. Please see the   letter formation mnemonics powerpoint here  (10 minutes)

Part 3: Practise – To consolidate the core phonics skills taught in the lesson, children then practise how to read words by blending or write words by segmenting with a partner or independently. (3 minutes)

Part 4: Apply - In the final part of the lesson, the children learn to apply these skills through reading or writing dictated sentences.


Sound Mats: Children use these sound mats when trying to spell words phonetically in lessons. You can use them at home too.  You can access them as a document here

Letter Formation: Each letter has a short phrase to help when writing letters. Please use this at home when teaching your child handwriting.  Click here to see the Powerpoint. 


Twinkl Resource credits:-

Sound mat pack

Level 2 and 3 action and letter formation

Accessed from September 2022

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