School Uniform


Compulsory Uniform


Yellow School T-Shirt

Black trousers (never jeans), shorts, skirt, pinafore

School sweatshirt or royal blue jumper or cardigan

Black shoes or completely black trainers (no lines or logos)

Black Hijab 

White, grey, black or navy socks, black or navy tights

For the summertime: Blue or yellow gingham checked dress 




White T shirt

Black shorts/tight leggings

Black track suit bottoms for when it is cold.


Pumps / trainers for outdoor games (please can you make sure that if the trainers/pumps have laces the children know how to tie their own laces).


If your child wears a Hijab they must be wearing a tight fitting one for PE/Games/Dance lessons.The children are not allowed to wear football shirts for games or PE lessons.




The children are not allowed to wear jewellery in school, apart from a wrist watch and very small stud earrings. No earrings will be allowed when having a PE/Dance/Games lesson. If the earrings need to be removed please make sure that your child knows how to remove them.


All hair slides, ribbons and Alice bands must be blue, yellow or hair coloured. They should be of a simple design.


No nail varnish can be worn.