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Technology and the

Computing Curriculum



Ladybarn is an ‘Outstanding’ school with a well-established innovative and pioneering culture. It is this mind-set that has led us to become a Network of Excellence Lead school. Over the past 5 years we have incorporated iPads into our whole school curriculum, being one of the first schools nationally to really embrace this technology. Ofsted have praised our use of technology and we are regularly approached by other schools for support with developing their use of technology and best practice around embedding this across the curriculum. We have made good use of our excellent teaching practice with iPads to develop our computing curriculum: each phase has a specific focus app to learn the principles of coding.

Our Deputy Headteacher, Mr. I Caldwell, is a CAS Level 2 Master Teacher who runs training across the Trust and for both ‘Schools Direct’ and the ‘Manchester Teaching Alliance’. Due to the school’s outstanding practice, he has been asked to present at National ICT conferences, such as Manchester’s EICE.

Alongside this, we have a strong cross-curricular and unplugged syllabus in place which is aimed at developing computational thinking and problem solving. We have been creative in developing this to be an exciting, active, kinaesthetic element to our computing curriculum. 

In addition, we continue to seek new ways to develop our use of technology. For example, our Trust of schools (Ladybarn, Green End and Cringle Brook Primary Schools) have just embarked on becoming ‘LEGO Education Innovation Studios’ which will enable us to further enhance our Computing and Design Technology curriculum. 


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