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In relation to their topic on Mega-structures, the children in Year 3 were very excited to receive a letter from Jay Robson, CEO of MSW, an international  company involved in many building projects and currently, the new museum of the future in Dubai!  He is also Mr Caldwell's friend! 

Mr Robson wrote

"Dear Year 3 at Ladybarn Primary School in Manchester.

My name is Jay Robson and I am the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Mathews Southwest, or otherwise known as MSW, a real estate company in Dubai.

Last week, my friend Mr Caldwell told me that you were learning about marvellous mega-structures, so I thought I would contact you to tell you a little about my work.

Luckily MSW have offices in Canada, France and Dubai which means we are a huge, well known company. At the moment, my company in Dubai is involved in constructing Dubai's state of the art 'Museum of the Future' but it will not be ready until next year. Please watch the video link I have sent you for a detailed, intriguing explanation!

Please can you write back to me with questions about Dubai's amazing mega-structures, especially the new museum?

I would love to hear about what you have learnt so far in your fascinating, educational topic! Are you enjoying it?

Bye for now.

Jay Robson"

He sent them this video to explain the museum project


Children then wrote to him to ask him further questions about Dubai and the buildings there - in particular, the new Museum of the future!

Find out more about the Museum of the Future, by watching the video replies the children received from Jay!

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