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Our Staff 

All our teachers have Qualified Teacher Status.



Mrs Vyas - Executive Headteacher

Mr Caldwell - Head of School 

Miss Taylor - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Cronin - SENDCo

Assistant Headteacher EYFS: Miss Cree (also Class Teacher, Nursery) 

Assistant Headteacher KS1: Ms Nanah (also Class Teacher, Year 1

Assistant Headteacher Lower KS2: Miss Quinn (also Class Teacher year 4) 

Assistant Headteacher Upper KS2: Miss Paterson (MAT Cover) (also Class Teacher Year 6) 

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Gosling (MAT leave)

Assistant Headteacher for EAL and Equality: Mrs Asif*

*across the Trust

Early Years and Foundation Phase

Teaching Staff:, Ms Green (Reception), Mrs Burnham/Mrs Lad (Nursery), Ms White (Reception).

Support Staff: , Mrs Maddocks, Miss May, Mrs Wood & Ms Bowers (Nursery), Ms Brookes & Mrs Simon (Reception) 

Reading Support Assistant:  Mrs Wachholz-Lucas, Mrs Harrison

Additional Support: Mrs Jilani, Miss Stocks


Key Stage One Phase

Teaching Staff, Mrs Chudasama (Year One), Mrs Khalid (MAT leave) Mrs Jenkins MAT Cover (Year 2) Miss Crean-Walker (Year 2 teacher) Mrs Gosling (MAT Leave)

Support Staff: , Miss Powell, Mrs Whelan, Ms Toulson-Burke/Ms Jabbari, Mrs Barker 

Reading Support Assistants: : Mrs Kimber-Pride, Mrs Wilcock,  Mrs Harrison

Additional Support: Mrs Ali, Mrs Parkes, Miss O'Neill


Lower Key Stage Two Phase

Teaching Staff: Ms McCann(Year 3) , Ms Richardson (Year 3), Miss Armstrong (Year 4)

Support Staff:  Mrs Iwnicki, Ms Baron, Mrs Pook,

Reading Support Assistant: Mrs Harrison

Additional Support: Miss Ali, Ms Tofarou, Mrs Abdalqader,  Mr Moore, Mrs Bano, Mrs Farooq, Mrs Locke

Upper Key Stage Two Phase

Teaching Staff: Miss Jenks (Year 6) Ms Bennett (Year 5), Mr Everton (Year Five),  Miss Shah (Year 6)

Support Staff: 

Reading Support Assistant: Mrs Noor

Additional Support: Mr Moore, Mrs Locke, Ms Money, Mrs Farooq, Mr Moore, Miss Simmons

Cover Teachers:

Mr Leishman

Mrs Rehmanwala (MAT leave)

Miss Copeland  (MAT leave)

Across the School Support Staff:  

Ms Evsen-Lord - EAL Intervention TA

Ms Farmer - Pastoral Intervention TA

Mr Fogel - Sports Coach

Mrs Dorrian - SEN Intervention TA

Ms Iwnicki - SEN Intervention and Cover

Administration Staff

Miss Foster - Administration Assistant

Ms Sinclair - Administration Assistant

Lunchtime & Cleaning Staff

Mrs Currie,  Mrs Doyle, Mrs Hampson, Mrs McCann, Mrs O'Rourke, Ms Sultan, Mrs Sultan, Mrs Wall, Mrs Walsh, Mrs Donnelly,  Mrs Mok, Mrs Odeh

Kitchen Staff

Mr Babu, Mr Chowdhury, Mr Muktadir, Ms Nester, Mrs Smith

Staff Across the Trust

Mrs Kiernan - Attendance Support Worker

Mrs Beecher - Personal Assistant to Exec Head & Trust Heads of School/Governance & Compliance Manager

Mrs Cogswell - Finance Manager

Mrs Khan - Personnel & Premises Manager

Mrs Usher - Finance & Operations Director

Mrs Cronin - SENDCO

Mrs Nixon - Assistant SENDCo

Mrs Clarke - Parental Support

Ms Jabbari - Arabic Support TA (MAT Leave)




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