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All three schools in the trust have collaborated with our link Spanish school, in Madrid,  CEIP Blas de Otero, this year.

While some classes  produced some amazing leaflets about Manchester,  other children wrote postcards about different topics, such as pets and uniforms. Incredibly, everything was written  in Spanish! 


The children in Spain worked on the same topics, in English. This meant  that we were able to learn all about Madrid, the school and the children. 


As well as sharing these with each other electronically, classes sent  examples to each other via the post so that they could be really enjoyed in person! 


It was great to practise each other's languages, learn from one another and celebrate diversity! 


Muchas gracias to our link Spanish school, CEIP Blas de Otero, for the great collaboration with us!  


Year 1 from Green End and Cringle Brook Primary school and Year 2 from Ladybarn Primary school  collaborated with our  link Spanish school in Madrid -  CEIP Blas de Otero. As they were all studying the topic of plants, they thought it would be interesting to compare similarities and differences between plants and flowers, learn key vocabulary about the topic in each other's languages and also look at the different activities they were doing.


They were surprised to find out that some of the vocabulary in Spanish was very similar to the English equivalents, for example: 


Broccoli - Brocoli                         

Tulip - Tulipan                 

Petunias -Petunia                   

Lettuce - Lechuga 

They really enjoyed learning together in this topic, asking each other questions and they looked forward to the regular picture updates! They also enjoyed sharing the progress of the different  seeds that they had all planted - in different ways! 


Have a look at their work on their padlet: 'Our Online  School Garden.'

Year 5  children at Ladybarn Primary school collaborated with our  link Spanish school in Madrid,  CEIP Blas de Otero.  As Spanish is a fairly new MFL language for them, they were really excited! They decided to practise greetings in each other's languages and send these to each other for feedback on pronunciation and grammar - like teachers! The children at Ladybarn sent a video and the children from  CEIP Blas de Otero wrote to our children. It was interesting to hear how school life for them had also changed due to Covid - 19. We also learnt that we had lots of other things in common such as hobbies and favourite foods. We are looking forward to finding out more in the future. 

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