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Year 5 children link and learn through letter writing with Roots School System, Rawalpindi, Pakistan!      


During their topic of 'City Life', Year 5 children at Ladybarn Primary school were delighted to receive a letter from Roots School System:  

Dear Year 5 children at Ladybarn Primary school,


Hello! We are a Year 5 class writing to you from Roots School System in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Because we are an International school, we learn through English, so we thought we would link with a school in England. We would love to learn more about your fascinating, interesting city!

In our school, some subjects that we learn are: English (we have even performed some Shakespeare plays), Urdu, Islamiyat, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Music, Arts and Karate.  What are your favourite subjects in school? Do you wear a school uniform? As you can see from the photographs, we also wear a school uniform. On special days, we dress up. 

Pakistan, whose capital city is Islamabad, has some very famous places. Some examples, near us, include: Faisal Mosque, Rawal Lake and Monal restaurant (In Islamabad) Luckily, we are only two hours away from Muree a beautiful , scenic place. What is Manchester famous for? In addition to football, we are sure there are other interesting places? 

If you came to Pakistan, you would be able to enjoy these delicious, awesome foods: biryani, chicken tikka, meat curries (usually served with chapatis), daal chowal (lentils and rice) and much more!  However, we also enjoy McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and Dunkin Doughnuts. What foods do you enjoy eating? Could you include both British and multicultural food please?

In our spare time, we enjoy: playing and watching cricket and football, playing on our computers (PS4, DS or Wiis  for example) reading, watching movies (we love the Marvel movies at the moment), and arts and crafts etc. What are your hobbies and interests? 

Did you know that the footballs used in the World Cup are made in Pakistan?

We are enthusiastically looking forward to hearing from you and learning all about your school, city and lives!

Your friends from Pakistan. 

PS Please send us some photographs also, along with your letters. 

Year 5 children at Ladybarn were fascinated to learn that World Cup footballs are made in Pakistan! 



















They also learnt of some amazing places in Pakistan, in, or around, Rawalpindi.

In addition, they were surprised to learn that there were so many similarities between themselves and the children in Pakistan. For example, not only did they share a lot of the same interests such as video games, sports and watching Marvel movies, but they also had the following fast food places over there: McDonalds, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and Dunkin Doughnuts! Amazingly, they also studied Shakespeare in English like us!


They wrote back, asking further questions and telling the children in Pakistan all  about life at Ladybarn and in Manchester.  Replies from Pakistan were received promptly! 


Importantly, it was agreed, through the letters, that we both have really outstanding schools! 

When Roots school heard that Year 3 children in our school were learning about Natural Disasters, they sent them some useful videos based on their experiences.


Thank you for sharing these. 


As part of their Megastructures Topic, Ladybarn Year 3 children created a padlet linking Manchester to Pakistan and Hong Kong, sharing images of Megastructures around the world!

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